Their undeserving little smiles are called “einsatzgruppens.” Part II.

The United States might be experiencing a slow-moving poo…I mean…coup.

A continuation of: Their undeserving little smiles are called “einsatzgruppens.”

Not gonna be a long post.

I just wanted to link to a few articles. They make me think of what inspired my original post, link is above.

Kevin McCarthy making wisecracks about shooting Nancy Pelosi.

Michael Flynn getting all jokey about shooting someone in D.C.

Tucker Carlson egging on his viewers to get confrontational in public with people who are wearing masks.

Now we got Rand Paul telling the masses to blow off Covid restrictions.

The carterburkes and chickenhawks who think they are drill sergeants are itching for their own Reichstag Fire.

Their voters, the Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie, are getting antsy about going nazi.

These are the spite-filled folks who crack jokes about shooting the homeless for sport, but you know they’re not really joking. Einsatzgruppen-lite.

White man’s war face. It’s looming. It’s menacing. It’s smirking. It’s ready to dial 911 and sic the cops on you.

Part I of: Their undeserving little smiles are called “einsatzgruppens.”

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