Silly people! Those bros aren’t sociopaths. They’re just carefree.

The rich white bros and the bros who fetishize the rich white bros want the masses to die for the stock market.

Lookit LBJ go. Sixty-odd years ago, the 36th President of the United States slung some truth about a mentality that still thrives today. Little did Lyndon know back then: even during a pandemic, these people will step aside and allow the rich to profiteer while far too many others die needlessly.

To make things worse, low-rent rich people, with the help of the Petting Zoo Bourgeoisie, keep pushing the rest of the country to engage in a #fakecivilwar. Micro-aggression on steroids.

You remember Carter Burke, Paul Reiser’s character in Aliens? He’s the poster-boy for the modern GOP.

(And incidentally…”Paul Reiser” does sound a lot like “Paul Ryan”…I’m not trying to start any conspiracy theories here, but…just look at the similarities…don’t be a sheep.)

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